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Our Firm Takes on Challenging Cases in the Areas of Premises Liability, Slip and Fall & Product Liability

We fight hard to prevail in your legal matter

Riddle & Brantley, L.L.P. is a tenacious law firm committed to client success in Premises Liability, Slip and Fall and Product Liability cases. Based in Raleigh, we are known as fierce litigators in the courts throughout all of North Carolina. Our attorneys have the necessary persistence to help you prevail in your legal conflict. We have 40 years of experience and we are determined to win. Read our profiles to learn more about our qualifications.

Our attorneys take an aggressive approach in multiple areas of the law

Riddle & Brantley, L.L.P. knows how to interpret North Carolina law to your best advantage. Our lawyers are passionate about their work and fearlessly strive for the results you require in a variety of practice areas:

  • Premises Liability: Owners and managers of commercial and residential properties have a responsibility to ensure that their buildings and grounds are safe for residents and visitors. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, do not hesitate. Contact our assertive premises liability attorneys to file a lawsuit against the negligent parties.
  • Slip and Fall: It is the responsibility of a business to keep their premises safe. If the negligence of the business causes you harm, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys provide aggressive and zealous representation during your slip and fall accident case.
  • Product Liability: When you purchase a product, you trust that it will not harm you. An injury caused by a defective product can have major consequences on your life. Contact an experienced and determined products liability attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

When you retain the services of Riddle & Brantley, L.L.P., you can be assured that your attorney will pursue your case with zeal.

Contact our diligent Raleigh law firm today

Riddle & Brantley, L.L.P. believes that you are entitled to strong representation. Let our lawyers take command of your legal situation. Our offices are conveniently located in Raleigh. Call the firm at (919) 336-1538 to arrange your consultation or contact the firm online.


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